[CONCEPT IDEA] Get unlimited free cloud storage with new Google Photos

Some of you may have heard that Google+ Photos is dead. At first, I was quite unhappy that Google was senselessly dismantling the world’s best social network. But then I saw that it gives you UNLIMITED FREE storage!

My first thought = stenography;

But then I realized that to get the free unlimited storage, you had to allow the file’s to be compressed down to 16 MP. Surely that would strip out the encoded files. So here == my concept for free unlimited cloud storage:

1. File is uuencoded or pgp-crypted (either way it becomes text)

2. Text is split into 3kb blocks (max for a QR code).

3. Convert each block into a QR code and put them all in a folder.

4. Upload folder to Google Photos.

All I need to do is write a script to actually do all this!




class Person I = blackhat999;

class Blog this blog = everything tech, linux, android, coding, and hacking;

class Reader you = are going to follow this blog;

bool do i always write in code = true;